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Jeffrey Böhm

Freelance IT Consultant

I'm a passionate IT Consultant with 10 years of experience in the comprehensive field of e-commerce.

If you need assistance with your Shopware or Symfony projects, feel free to contact me!


Professional Expertise

Shopware Developer

Having the experience from more than five long term Shopware enterprise projects, I also contributed to the Shopware source code and am well versed in integrating different payment service providers.

Shopware 5 Certified Developer
Shopware 5 Certified Advanced Developer
Shopware 6 Certified Developer

Backend Developer

As a Senior level backend developer my key areas of expertise are on PHP, Javascript, and Symfony Framework. I am very into domain-driven design, software design patterns, and test-driven development.

Past projects required a close coordination with customers from which I gained a lot of experience in facing all kinds of different requirements and problems.

Agile Mindset

I have an agile mindset. I welcome face-to-face conversation, even if only via webcam. Regular feedback and concrete status information are important to me.

I used to work as a product owner in a small team of 3 people.

Dev-Ops and Cloud Computing

Using Docker in production and development environments. I was responsible for the Kubernetes clusters of a large white label shop solution.

I have experience with high-performance web applications that can withstand prime time TV advertising traffic.


Advanced experience in Elasticsearch. I worked with the ELK stack for business intelligence analysis as well as big data and used Grafana to visualize data.

Applied to Elasticsearch Engineer I & II in 2018.

Continuous Integration

I have set up several continuous integration environments based on Jenkins and Atlassian Bamboo.

I work with static code analysis, unit tests, and automated integration environments to save time and money.

Project History


User Interaction Tracking

Düsseldorf, Germany

Development of a tracking tool to collect and analyze interactions of visitors of an auction platform. A micro service architecture was chosen to achieve fast response times and high scalability.

Elasticsearch, PHP7, Symfony 4, RabbitMQ, TypeScript
2018 - 2019

Data Collection and Enrichment

Düsseldorf, Germany

Development of a business analysis tool that collects, normalizes, enriches, and stores various types of data from different sources in Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch, PHP7, Symfony 4

Software Analysis

Düsseldorf, Germany

In-depth analysis of a Shopware shop with about 30 plugins. The objective was to reduce the bug rate and increase the speed of further development. Concrete recommendations for action were part of the final report.

2017 - 2018

White-Label Shop Solution

Düsseldorf, Germany

Development of a white-label shop solution based on Shopware. Product synchronization from a central shop, hosting of individual instances on a Kubernetes cluster. Fully automated setup and configuration of a new shop.

PHP7, Shopware5, Redis, RabbitMQ, Kubernetes
2015 - 2018

Shopware Shop with Mass Ordering

Düsseldorf, Germany

Development of a dealer platform based on shopware. Development of an intuitive frontend to perform mass orders easily and efficiently. Development of various ExtJS modules for article management.

PHP7, Shopware5, Redis, RabbitMQ

Community-Centered Shop for Cosmetic Products

Düsseldorf, Germany

Maintenance and further development of a microservice-oriented shop platform. Use of a graph database to generate product recommendations.

PHP5, Symfony 2, MongoDB, MySQL, Varnish, OXID eShop, RabbitMQ, Redis, Neo4j

Smartphone Case Creation

Bielefeld, Germany

Development of an interface-driven application to print mobile phone cases with an own design and logo. High scalability was required.

PHP5, Silex, Symfony 2.3

Promotion Campaign for an International Sweets Manufacturer

Bielefeld, Germany

Generation of over 6 million gift codes printed on candy packaging. The codes had to meet various criteria such as legibility, uniqueness, and self-validation.


Order Management for an International Sweets Manufacturer

Bielefeld, Germany

Development of a customer care order management system. Conversion of Microsoft Excel processes to handle over one million orders through multiple agents. The software could be used for multiple promotions with minimal adjustments. The order was accepted by a micro service in Silex designed to withstand traffic of TV commercials at prime time.

PHP5, Silex, Redis, Symfony 2.3
2013 - 2015

Talent Relationship Platform

Bielefeld, Germany

Development of a platform for students to connect them with companies offering apprenticeships. The site offered several personality tests to help both the companies in their selection and the students in their search for career opportunities. The whole platform was connected to a talent relationship management software.

Elasticsearch, PHP5, memcached, gearman, ReST
2013 - 2014

Leading German Wine Retailer

Bielefeld, Germany

Relaunched the shop of a leading German wine retailer. Implemented a reusable article information architecture to build several importers around it. Extended the underlying Magento for several management masks for different types of content while keeping and reusing the standard functionality to be compatible with updates in future. The merchant recorded high customer growth after the relaunch.

PHP5, Magento, Elasticsearch, PayOne
2012 - 2013

Bonus Program for a Health Insurance Company

Bielefeld, Germany

Symfony 2.0 application maintenance, MongoDB data storage, strong security requirements.

2009 - 2012

Self Service Hosting Management Platform

Osnabrück, Germany

Built a complete self-service hosting solution from scratch. It included PHP/MySQL hosting and mailing services on a fail-safe cluster.

PHP5, DBMail, Postfix, pureftpd, Apache
2008 - 2012

ERP Software for Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Osnabrück, Germany

Development of ERP software. Started at PHP4, so it was completely based on functional programming.

Technical skills


PHP 7, Symfony 1, Symfony 2, Symfony 3, Symfony 4 Flex, Shopware 5, Shopware 6, Magento 1, Zend Framework, Yii, PHPUnit, PHPMD, PHPStan, Doctrine, JmsSerializer, EasyAdmin


MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Redis, memcached

Job/Message processing

RabbitMQ, Gearman

Search engines



NodeJS, npm, ESLint, jest, Fastify, Webpack, VueJS


Jenkins, Bamboo, travis-ci, Ansible, Vagrant, Bash, Nagios, Icinga2, nginx, Dovecot, Postfix, Debian

Cloud Computing

Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, 1&1 Ionos, Google App Engine


Python 2, Python 3, Django Framework, Flask

Version control

Git, GitHub, BitBucket, Subversion



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